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My background (get cosy)

Back pain got me into this industry 20 years ago. I tolerated lower back discomfort from upper school which resulted in lower back problems just as soon as I got my first job with a company car age 18. Sports always played an important role in my life as I've always had enough energy to power a small village (no change there!). The time came when I had to make a career change as my back was sending me into a spiral of physical and emotional challenges. Following endless visits to orthapedic consultants and physios, a sports injury guy named Paul was the very first person to bring me into the anatomical picture and educated me to gain a better understanding of 'how we move'. This was the breakthrough for me as it seemed other health professionals didn't give me much information to work with. Hence my career path into injury and rehabilitation was born! If you visit me, always expect plenty of simple, easy to understand info as to how you overcome pain or discomfort without spending a fortune on weekly visits. 

Running was always my 'go to place' when life threw curve balls. Despite being a great fan of meeting and motivating people, running gave me the isolation to focus on me, my headspace and mindset. With my newly found career in rehabilitation, running biomechanics and performance was my next challenge. My first studies were through Asics biomechancis academy and Sub4 Podiatry (Clifton Bradley). I then progressed to 2D motion analysis through Currex  / Templo GmbH using 2 camera technology promoting 'common running traits in high performance runners' which allowed me to launch my running analysis company StrideUK in 2008. As technology improved, 3D analysis software became affordable and available to independant companies which provided far more 'evidence based data' to demonstrate that it is more Physics based than anatomy that makes the runner. To date I have worked with runners of all levels, from Couch to 5k to Commonwealth, Olympic, Paralympic, Ironmen, MDS and sports personalities including James Cracknell and Eddie Izzard. I have presented at Virgin London Marathon, worked for Threshold Sports for celebrity endurance events and have contributed as a running expert to Running Fitness, Mens Running, Womens Running, Runners World, the Guardian and The Independant.  

StrideUK operates from a bespoke running lab at my home in North Lancing. Prices from £89 to £305. To me, this 3D running technique service proves the greatest test of all times... that seeing is believing. Always expect a simple yet power packed presentation about your running performance fully supported with a fully illustrated conditioning program forwarded to you wiuthin 24 hours after your departure. You don't have to be a high level runner to have your running form properly assessed. if you have an injury or discomfort when you run, yet aren't making any progress with your current health professional, please let me show you how 3D analysis can help.  

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