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The Agora Phone Number 01273 95 00 35

Where's the closest place to park?
The closest you can park to us is in Park View Road, Hove. There's limited parking there with one hour free parking but this brings you almost right outside our door. If you have a Blue Badge, you've got some yellow lines directly oppsite at the top of Park View road. Goldstone Road however has plenty of 3 hour free parking spaces (can get busy summer periods). There's also parking at Goldstone Business Park  (DFS, TK Maxx, Nandos and Burger King) if you're struggling elsewhere. Please be aware that Parking enforcement is in place at the Business Park, park at your own responsibility.  

I've just injured myself, when should I come in?
We promote initial ice, rest and elevation within the first 24 hours of any injury cycle. In most cases, no experienced injury therapist would test or treat you within this period as it's paramount to allow time for your body to adjust, prepare and settle down into a recovery route. For these reasons, we tend to promote seeing us in 36 to 48 hours as we'll then be able to give you a far better diagnosis and test it withut the fear of causing further damage by moving and testing it in it's acute injury phase. If however pain is registering high or you believe you have done something far greater than a sprain, strain or muscle tear (fracture, dislocation, whiplash, head or neck injury) it's worth considering calling NHS Healthline 111 to help determine whether a trip to your local A&E is required. 

Can I use my health insurance with you?
We regrettably do not work with insurance companies. If you are using someone like AXA, PPP, Bupa, we recommend you visit our partner company as they have registered Physiotherapists who can bill your insurance company direct. We'd be happy to provide you with a receipt for your treatment for you to present it accordingly, but please be aware that most insurance companies use registered Physios and not for 'remedial treatments' (such as us). 

What can I expect from my first visit?
On first visit, please allow time for us to register your details and take a full case history to get a good understanding of where you are in the injury  / pain cycle. We'll also conduct a health screen to ensure it is safe to treat mindful of any health issues  / allergies, skin or heart conditions. Testing the area will follow to check range of movement, muscle firing and strength testing. Only at that point can you expect us to give you the most accurate diagnosis to progress to treat the area (and most likely surrounding tissues). In most cases there is time for us to treat providing the case history is quite straight forward. This isn't always the case, but please be rest assured that any further return visits, once we have a good grip on your present situation, treatment time is greatly extended. 

How many treatments would I need?
This question is probably the most commonly asked question. And regrettably the hardest question to answer. Injuries can vary so much, it's almost impossible to give you a straight answer. One thing we can say though is that we're huge advocates on providing homework to empower you manage your injury with minimal contribution from us. Providing you are happy and disciplined with following the advice and range of exercises we'll give you, you shouldn't need to visit us that much at all. If however you prefer us to get more involved with supporting you, we believe 4 visits to us should be suffice (providing you don't return back to sports too soon). 

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