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Mitchell Phillips - Self confessed running biomechanics nerd and sports injury rehabilitation. 

So i've been in the rehab industry for over 20 years. I've trained across a multitude of sports most of my life to keep me fit physically and mentally.  I specialise in deep tissue therapy, injury & rehabilitation. I'm a hands on physicaltherapist. I love to promote manual therapy as it's been one of the greatest tools I've relied on to help me get through injuries. I treat most common injuries whether sporting or non sporting and I believe I have good experience in treating & rehabilitating back pain, shoulder instabilities, knee, hip and ankle problems.
I'm am self confessed physics worshipping running geek. I studied biomechanics and 3d running analysis. My shoreham based running company STRIDEUK has quickly become one of the most reputable Video Gait Analysis companies in the UK working with runners and triathletes of all levels from novice 'couch to 5k' to marathon runners, triathletes, ultrarunners. 
I used to write a lot for running magazines (pre digital). I was a running expert for Mens Running Mag and has provided content for Running Fitness Mag, Runners World, Womens Running, The Guardian Newspaper and The Independant. I've worked with some crazy fit people doing some crazy fit stuff! To name drop a few, I've had 
the honour of working with Olympic and Commonwealth distance runner Liz Yelling, double Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell and world class stand up comedian and actor Eddie Izzard. 

A little more info about me!

Sports - Boxing, mixed martial arts, calisthenics, trail running, weight training, cross fit, HIT training, circuits.
Last time I was really scared -  crewed a 72ft 40 ton racing yacht out of the Bahamas through a lightning storm during the beginning of Hurricane season to hand over at Fort Lauderdale - delivery New York. Quite possibly one of the most white knuckled gripping moments I've ever experienced.
Strengths - design, creativity, tenacity, i don't give up! 
Weaknesses - I don't give up! 
Most impressive location I've visited -  I had flight deck clearance on a Boeing 747-400 returning from to JFK to London Heathrow, it was a 6.30am landing, I watched the world wake up! It was the nearest I've ever got to seeing heaven!
Final meal - Sunday roast, Delia smith potatoes
Greatest self accomplishment - getting through my fears of presenting to large groups. 
2 people I have round a dinner table - Sean Locke, Darren Browne. 
Desert Island Discs - which album? - Pink Floyd,  Dark side of the moon
Animal I think best reflects me - somebody said I would make a great jack Russell!! :(

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