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Lower back pain recovery program £180

I offer a 3 session back rehabilitation program for £180 to help get you back to what you were doing!

People who have never suffered back pain have no concept as to how it can invade your life and effect you both mentally and physically. Being no stranger to back pain from an early age...I get it!! 

Sometimes it can be the most simplest most innocent movements that can trigger off a series of events leading to you being unable to stand, sit or function. It can be horrendious at first causing you all sorts of anxiety as to whether you will ever recover from often debilitating moment.
The first initial thing to do is to keep calm, get comfortable and let your body take care of itself and commence the healing process. Icing the area (dont freeze it!) really helps to reduce initial inflammation and to dial down the communication between the brain and the affected area. After all, its the brain desire to clamp down and tighten that area as a form of self preservation to stop you from injuring it further.
The second thing to do would be to book an appointment with me from 2-3 days after the injury. 2-3 days is often more than suffice to let the body settle, having applied frequent ice of the first few days will help you feel more functional and allow you to visit me. 

My back rehab program consists of 3 clinic sessions to get you back to doing what you do. 

Session 1 will allow us to test and help establish what level of injury you've sustained. We'll do some great hands on therapy (massage) to relax off surrounding tissues and include some easy stretching to help improve your present mobility. Expect to leave feeling more positive that when you arrived armed with some light homework to promote 5 minutes 2 x a day to aid a speedy recovery. 

Session 2 should follow between 5 - 7 days later. By this point you should be experiencing better range of movement and feeling even more positive. Expect a 45 minute treatment with a simple back mobility program afterwards to help reduce any further vulnerabilities happening again. This session is really important as i'll provide you with the tools to keep you from stop your back from regressing. 

Session 3 is 7 days later. Providing you've been doing your homework, I'd predict you'd be negotiating with me as to whether its safe to get back to your sports or activities of choice. This session will include a final treatment but we'll also spend some time in the gym next door taking you through some strength and conditioning. This is where we'll make you bullet proof and less likely to need to injure it again. 

This program would suit anyone with either Acute (sudden / recent) back pain or Chronic (long term / educated) back discomfort. The rehab is pretty much the same and in fact can be surprising benefical to long term back pain sufferers who find that their mobility has dissapated over the years. If you feel you'ld prefer to talk to me first to discuss your history, email me on [email protected] to arrange a chat. 



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You're very welcome to visit me for a single treatment if you prefer. Either which way, book an appointment today and I'll take you through everything I know about your injury and empower you with all you need to do to get you out of discomfort and help get you back to doing what you love to do. 

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