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Evolution... we're going the wrong way!

We're going the wrong way!

As a species we are always more likely to be stronger on our anterior muscle chain (front muscles) in comparison to our posterior chain (behind muscles). This is partially down to Physics but more prominantly down to us sitting down and operating machinery in front of us. If sitting down is slowly returning us to a fully flexed Fetal position, is it just a coincidence that we tend to experience more pain or discomfort behind us than infront of us?

Chest stretch

Prelonged periods of time on a laptop, driving a car or building something causes our shoulders to rotate forward. Before we know it, our head travels forward causing our neck stabilising muscles to work overtime stopping your head from falling off your shoulders. Hence we experince discomfort and reduced range of movement. Neck rehabilitation still continues to be a big service we provide, second to the lower back discomfort which uncoincidently is a further seat based symptom. Our rule of thumb - Get up, move around, stretch and review your daily sitting quota. Performing a chest stretch on the hour (a 60 second stretch using a doorway to open up the pectorial muscle) works wonders to help offset the amount of time we spend medially rotated.

Training Advice

In the gym, think about exercises that concentrate on upper back rather than chest. Any exercises that first requirement is to pull is normally an exercise for your posterior chain (back muscles), any exercises that first reaction is to push, chances being you're training your front muscles to become shorter and more restricted. 

Treatments tailored for the upper body

UpandRunninginHovePark offers a range of treatments tailored around the upper body. All treatments are 60 minutes long and cost £62. Concessions available for Under 12's, over 60's, Emergency services, NHS staff, teachers and Military. There's also a 6 for the price of 5 offer saving you £62 (ask within). 

Sports injury diagnosis and treatment
Have an injury? Whether recent or been tolerating it for too long? Be seen by a qualified and experienced injury therapist who will test, diagnose, treat and provide you with all you need to know to get yourself back functioning again! If homework is followed as to the frequency we recommend, you should be able to fix yourself without any further trips to visit us. Alternatively, if you prefer to let us 'take care of business', we'd be happy to support you too. Read more...

Neck pain / restriction / release
The amazing thing about having reduced neck mobility is that we often lose track of what 'normal range of movement' actually feels like. This hours treatment strips out all the muscles from the base of your skull (atlas) addressing many of the little intricate muscles in the back of your neck, shoulders & upper back that over time have become overloaded and non cooperative! Read more...

Back pain diagnosis / recovery program
"People who have never suffered back pain have no concept as to how it can invade your life and effect you both mentally and physically. Following an indepth case history and testing, we can understand where you are in the injury cycle to then allow us to provide the key tools to help get you out of pain and return you to good functional, confident movement. Following the homework we give you is going to be paramount! Read more...

Shoulder rotator diagnosis & release
The shoulder girdle is made up of 4 muscle groups that work in synergy to deliver the versatility of movement found nowhere else in any other limb of the body. We provide an extensive 60 minute treatment promoting mobility back into the shoulder girdle. This includes a full 'MOT' of your shoulder to understand what are the symptoms, where are they stemming from and how we propose to treat it. Read more...

Deep tissue massage destress & indulge
Work load / stress load at tipping point? Does your body feel that it's in need of deep release? We pride ourselves on delivering a deep connective tissue massage working at a pressure you feel comfortable with. Promoting better circulation into the lower level fibers not only encourage better circulation but also can help with improving range of movement which can aid recovery and performance. Read more...


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