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Massage therapy, pre / post / restorative / maintenance

Massage still to date remains one of the most common tools to help avoid injury and promote healthier more responsive muscles. Massage doesn’t fix anything as that’s your bodies job to do that. Massage helps increasing better circulation into a muscle which in turn helps remove toxins, improves the blood flow of plenty of new oxygenised blood which promotes a better healing and repair environment. I offer and promote deep tissue therapy in the majority of my treatments as I have experienced some great returns though my own time rehabilitating my own a-z of injuries. Deep tissue therapy is a massage technique which is always performed well when the therapist has a great understanding of anatomy. Knowing the directions, attachments and origins of muscles allow us to know where, when and how we apply pressure. That’s how you get a good treatment!

Massage therapy changes based on your reason for visiting:
Pre race / competition / tapering massage

If you are preparing for a race or competition, having a treatment a week before proved dividends in helping restore, repair and prepare your body for the race ahead. This is called pre race treatment.

Post race / competition / 'help return me back to normal' massage

If you have finished a race or competition and find your body feels tight, sore and restricted, a post race treatment is the ideal treatment to have to help flush through the muscles and aid recovery. The pressure applied in a Postrace treatment tends to be a little more conservative!

Deep connective tissue massage  / maintenance / restorative massage  

Deep connective tissue massage is something I use frequently to help work on muscles that may have an accumulation of scar tissue. It’s also works wonders on tendons to help provoke a healing response and also ligaments which have very little blood flow. I’ll happy spend 45 minutes stripping out a calf and achillies using many of these approaches. 

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