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Foot pain / Plantar Fasciitis

Pain under the base of your foot is likely to be linked with potential tightness in your calf. Both muscle groups make up a very important shock absorber everytime to put one foot on the ground. Planta pain is likely also to be overuse related.

Things that can help speed up recovery:

  1. Reduce  / remove the chronicity of the same movement. Try to investigate the catalyst behind the nature of your injury and stop doing it to help break the pain cycle. 
  2. Give your foot nothing but cushioning all day long. Wear soft shoes around the house every minute your on your feet. Ice area in the evening.
  3. Seek appropriate treatment for both foot and calves as they are very much both linked. Foam rolling calves proves a winner. Be very patient as any weight baring muscle group takes longer to recover than any other muscle.

How I can help

If your visiting me with heel pain or planta (underneath your foot), I'll do a full release on it (I promise not too intense), tape it and together we'll work out a recovery program to help give you more good days and less bad days during your day to day life. Commonly it's your calf that triggers heel and plantar pain, so I'm likely to treat that too and giev you a program to keep that mobilised too.  



Life hack

Get into a soft pair of shoes just as soon as you get out of bed. Keep the heel cushioned all day long until you get back into bed! Silicon heel cup helps if you have to wear a hard pair of shoes to work.

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