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Hip pain / Glute pain / Sciatica

From first hand experience I sympathise with everyone experiencing glute pain / sciatica. Prolonged periods of time sitting can often cause this, especially if you’re sitting on a make do ‘office chair’ with inadequate cushioning under your bum! As a result of pressure pushing down into the seat, your sciatic nerve which sits just under the glute can get squashed and therefore irritated triggering sharp, hot, spikey sensations down your legs. In most cases, sciatica flares up over a period of time that just overnight. My belief if it takes its time to come in... it’ll take it’s time to depart too!

Things you can do to help reduce discomfort:

  1. Change  / review the seat you’re sitting on. Chances being that the chair has insufficient cushioning (rather like my wooden dining room chair that I stupidly sit at when working from home)
  2. Stretch that glute out as much as you can in the evening and first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. Lay down on a sofa that sit up as sitting up compressed your body weight down into you bum!
  3. Ice the area in evening. Invest in a freezer gel cold pack (amazon / ebay £10). It’s likely that the sciatic nerve is hot and inflamed and therefore responds well to being cooled down. 

How I can help

Sciatica is certainly something I experienced working from home on my make shift rustic oak kitchen office table this year. I think theres a reason why companies invest fortunes into ergonomics and soft comfy seating! My job with you is to help identify the route trigger to your discomfort, and with a mobility  / stretching program I'll give you, you should be able to overcome sciatica without needing to visit me frequently. Doesn't mean I won't be texting you to check you're doing your homework!     


Life hack

I bought a sciatica cushion off amazon (how old am i?). It’s gel based or memory foam which makes sitting on most surfaces so much more tolerable. They cost about £20 maximum and really help make life more comfortable during my seated hours.   



Book in today

Book 60 minutes with me (£62), I'll take you through everything I know about your injury and impower you with all you need to do to get you out of discomfort and help get you back to doing what you love to do. 

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