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Running Injuries & Performance

They say there are three kinds of runners. Runners that have an injury, runners that have just got over an injury, and runners that are just about to have an injury!

All running injuries should be classified under the genre or RSI (repetitive strain injury). After all, we’re subjecting our bodies to the chronicity of the same movement approx 1700 a mile. When things get overused under the elements of gravity, they are likely to become angry, overworked and often inflamed.
I'm a self confessed physics loving running geek / nerd anorak who loves to work with runners of all levels about running. My passion is to help get you to the race line in as great condition as possible. I studied 2D and 3D running biomechanics through Contemplas GmbH and MotionMetrix, I did Asics Biomechanics academy which means ive learnt quite a lot about running shoes too!  I presented to London and Brighton Marathon and used to write as a columnist for many of the leading running magazines. I have worked with some crazy fit people doing some crazy fit stuff.  Mindful of this, give me the opportunity to show you how I can support you. 



Treatment courses available

Race season is on! Treatment courses are available for anyone looking to remain as bullet proof and injury free as possible throughout their training season.
Buying a course of 6 for the price of 5 would potentially give you 1 clinic visit a month to check in, indulge in a treatment, talk niggles and performance, 1 pre race treatment to help best prepare you for the race ahead, talk race strategies and tapering advice, 1 post race treatment to help return you to normal and allow you to show off your spangly medal!  Priced at £310 saving you £62, I'm more than happy to discuss your present training plan or requirments prior to commiting to purchasing a course. You can email me on [email protected] today. 

Life hack

Don't get too obsessed about footshape or footware. Money certainly doesn't guarentee you're buying a better shoe for yourself either. My general rule is to firstly buy a shoe that feels comfortable, chances being they'll be the right shoe for you!  If you're running mostly on pavements or roads, treat your feet with cushioning. I'd always choose off road than on road as the ground is softer and therefore provides better absorption. Go maximistic over minimistic and promote more recovery days if you're 40yrs +. 

Book in today

Book 60 minutes with me (£62), I'll take you through everything I know about your injury and empower you with all you need to do to get you out of discomfort and help get you back to doing what you love to do. 

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