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The Agora Phone Number 01273 95 00 35

If you find yourself continuingly shifting from one injury to another or simply finding it impossible to overcome a present injury... we need to talk!  My expertise (sounds grand) is working with athletes and non athletes to helping delve through the beautiful bitter sweet anatomical puzzle that creates muscular mahem up and down the body bringing most of us to nearly going stir crazy. Located at Hove Park Bowling Green Pavilion (stones throw from Hove Park Cafe), expect a high quality customer focussed service where support doesn't just finish at the clinic door. Expect a frequent text from me checking in on progress (and seeing if you're still doing your homework!) 

Certainly not everything I can help with, but a pretty good starting block of injuries and conditions I treat on a frequent basis. If you have any injuries that you'd like to discuss which aren't listed here... try me! 

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